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In short, I could build a web, mobile or desktop application using Serverless Computing, conforming to the principle of the least privilege under version control for each function (Pay-per-use AWS or Google Cloud infrastructure that scales indefinitely). When I code either the Frontend or Backend solutions, the experience I have defined the prioritization of the characteristics for the product:

1. Simplicity (readability)

All frontend services I create are event-driven. Therefore, the infrastructure is typically FaaS or in rare cases BaaS.

2. Performance

I write in plain TypeScript (if you don't know TypeScript, it is the same JavaScript plus type safety to increase stability).When I optimize for performance, I prefer my own solutions as ready-to-use libraries are solutions for everyone and, therefore, typically suboptimal to your particular case.

3. Size

The size of the bundled assets need to be small as it affects the operating costs. I have created more than tens of different custom Webpack solutions for mostly all types of different cases to minimize and optimize the bundles, including code splitting, tree shaking, finding the most appropriate target for the JavaScript (or TypeScript transpilation), image minification and lazy-loading (PNG, JPEG, SVG, etc), service workers, manifest, etc. And even the process for updating the resources on a file hosting to upload only those assets that have changed.

I have worked on many projects, every time trying to find something else to improve, so the solutions are extremely well optimized.

4. Technical scalability

Comparing to microservices, where parts are connected to each other, FaaS development allows to create completely independent functions. It is easier to manage and to make changes as you split the functionality into much smaller blocks.

FaaS can scale indefinitely, the same limits as AWS and Google Cloud infrastructure.

If you have 0 customers today, your bill is $0, comparing to microservices, where you have to have at least one container running $25/month. A typical project is eight containers.

If you have a billion customers tomorrow, FaaS auto scales horizontally to handle the new load automatically, with the pricing of an optimized solution close to $2-5/million requests for ALL infrastructure combined.

I create SPAs, conforming to PWA standards, and frontend plugins using React.js and Vue.js.I follow Component Driven Development (CDD) together with Visual Test Driven Development.For that, I use Jest and Storybook.

It is important to start by developing UI elements and afterwards, combine the UI elements to form a View (page). When writing styles, I use SCSS that compiles to CSS3. I follow the BEM methodology to make sure that class names cannot intersect and I can plug them in to any place without having to modify the code.

The Desktop app development involves also Electron, but the overall process is the same. That is the reason why it is easy to convert my solutions to a desktop app. I have similar approaches but other tools in Mobile app development.


Node js99%

React js99%

Web3 js95%




cloud services AWS/gcc/azure91%



HTML5 & CSS3100%



1. Website Development.

I'm follow a few easy steps to design your website. First of all, I collect some information from you like the nature of your business, the purpose of creating a website, target audience and goals of your organization. Then, I make a proper budget for it. I design a proper layout of the website pages. Then, after taking the review and final approval from you, I proceed for coding & development. Finally, we do testing to remove the bug, if any. After final approval, I launch the website.

2. Mobile App Development.

My mobile app development allow businesses not only to keep connected with their customers on mobile devices but also have a quicker situational awareness of KPIs for good decision making. Gain business intelligence in real-time for better management of the workforce and enriched customer experience. My profound knowledge of mobile technologies & frameworks, helps create secure & scalable Mobile Apps with great UX and use latest UI guidelines to create exceptional app designs.

3.Bug fixing / Bounty hunting

All software contains bugs. Bugs are just a reality of software development, and much as product managers would see them as pure waste, fixing them does add value. As a developer, I have a responsibility to deal with bugs as quickly and effectively as possible. Experienced bounty hunter with 3 years of experience in tracking, apprehending, and returning fugitives

4. Pentesting & Web security

In general, web security refers to the protective measures and protocols that organizations adopt to protect the organization from, cyber criminals and threats that use the web channel. Web security is critical to business continuity and to protecting data, users and companies from risk. I can use various pentesting tools like Nmap, Zmap, Hashcat, Hydra and Aircrack-ng.

5. UI/UX Design

Being a professionally trained designer, I have a great grasp on the art of integration of audience profiling, user flow and impactful layouts. I have proven experience in designing exceptional products and product suite. I have the capability of solving complex UX architecture, strong data visualization skills, along with beautifully crafted user interfaces (UI).

6. Digital Marketing.

I am focused on increasing the reach and visibility of your business. I am here to help you design an internet marketing campaign with increasing the conversions and traffic of your website. Get ready to customized your business goals and bring the opportunities with carrying out the specific information about a particular service. I revamp your content marketing strategy and give you the customized plans with a perfect fit.

7. Search Engine Optimization.

First of all I do SEO Audit of a website and then I start On-Page and Off-Page SEO for great results. I strive to bring innovation to my work and also support you in getting better assistance. On the whole, my reasonable SEO services are accessible to give a new look to your current business. You will get all the momentous benefits with my service, that includes a range of services.

8. Blockchain

Blockchain-based technology lets you cut out the middleman. With no thirdparty involvement, transacting isn't only significantly cheaper for businesses and more secure and efficient.I will help cut your transaction speed by implementing a blockchain solution to handle your financial transactions.I will help you reinforce your service offering with innovative payment options, faster transactions and increased asset liquidity through tokenization.

9. Machine Learning/AI Models

Machine learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that develops computer programs to access and use data to learn themselves. The ML engineers are responsible for feeding data into the models and scaling the data models designed by the data scientists to suit the volume of data generated by the business. I makes it possible to process tons of data in less time .

10. Desktop Applications.

I have been working on desktop applications since the beginning of my career. Developing internal production and commercial applications, point of sale, erp, end client applications to exploit high volumes of data, reconciliation systems, real time sync between legacy and custom applications and databases. I build cross platform desktop applications and deploy them on Mac OS, Windows and Linux

11. Web scrapping.

Web scraping allows you to extract information from websites automatically and it is done through a specialized program and analyzed later either through software or manually. I will deliver you the highest quality work possible in a timely manner. Web scraping projects vary from e-commerce web scraping, PHP web scraping, scraping emails, images, contact details and scraping online products into Excel.

12. CMS Development

I have an exhaustive experience in CMS website development services and. So, my clients get end-to-end hassle-free solution for all of their content management requirements. I am excellent communicator, having written instructional material for PHP frameworks and development documentation for projects.

13. Frontend Development

Front end developers are computer programmers who specialize in website design. Front end developer duties include determining the structure and design of web pages.

I am Passionate, Smart, Energetic front-end web developer with 7+ years of experience designing and building responsive web design and mobile apps with all aspects of the user experience and user interface.

As a front end developer I know how to make a seamless web app that helps users accomplish what they need to do. I have a strong combination of technical ability and creativity.

I develop new user facing features and Write reusable code and libraries.

15. Project management/Tracking

I am used to daily reporting and knowing that communication is the key, I constantly try to improve clients' experience.

I know best methods in version control and I conform to them, doing PRs, releases, keeping multiple branches, and using stashes. I have automated branching & PR requests, as well as connected bots for notifying about changes in corporate chats.The code that I write goes through automatic code-styling processing that improves readability and overall quality of the provided work.

I use: ESLint, TSLint, Stylelint (SCSS & BEM), and Prettier for all automated code formatting needs.


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Pardeep Kumar

7+ years of Experience in Web & Mobile App Full Stack Development.

Roles in Organization: Experience with developing large-scale distributed cloud system
  • Led software development work streams inside larger projects
  • Experience with API / Integration tools and patterns
  • Experience with Agile/Scrum methodology
  • Proficiency developing in multiple languages web and mobile app React native, JavaScript/Node.js, Php
  • Experience developing with microservices, serverless Functions, API Gateways, NoSQL, queues and more
  • Automated test-driven approaches to software development
  • Experience of working in SCM and CI/CD-based environments
  • AWS, Azure, GCP cloud functions / CDK
Educational Qualification:

Master in Computer Applications from Ramgarhia Institute of Eng. and Technology Phagwara, India

Technical Skills:

Web Development: HTML, CSS, SCSS, SASS, JavaScript, Node.js, Express JS, ReactJS, Cypress, React Native, Graph QL, TypeScript, Redux, AWS Deployment, Web Pack, AWS Lambda Functions

Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS and Linux

Mobile Application: Hybrid React Native

Database: MongoDB, Firebase

Programming Tools: XCode, Visual Studio Code

  • Presently working full time freelancer
  • 24 months training in Web & Mobile Development from Code Quotient, Mohali

  • Fund Yourself Now

Technology: React js, Redux, Type Script, Node js, Express js

Database: Mongo Db

Description: This application consists of two profiles, Creator and Backer.

Creator used to provide backer with jobs. They would acquire jobs and can chat with creators through chat box. Both creator and backer can give rating to each other.

Live Link: https://www.fundyourselfnow.com

  • Technology:

Aws, Serverless, Node js, React js, Redux, API gateway, Aws Cognito, SES mailing services, dynamo dB, etc.

Link: https://showyourvoice.org/

  • Technology:

ReactJS, SSR, NodeJS with MVC, google compute cloud, big data queries google datastore, etc.

Link: https://launchpass.com/

  • Screen Sharing:

Technology: React js and NodeJS, Dynamo dB, elastic beanstalk, AWS auth, etc.

Description: Screen Sharing via phone to web and web to phone.
Link: https://screenshare.insiqual.net

  • Spread Software (video translate and social media tools)

Technology: React js, Type script, Redux, React-admin, Text tools, firebase, google data storage, google compute cloud.

Link: https://test.spread.software

  • Deep Trading

Technology: React js, Nodejs, AWS lambda functions, AI python, elastic beanstalk, custom SES mailing configurations, custom animations, large file processing.

Case Studies for the Blockchain Project and following is work portfolio:


  • Coding, Travelling & Sports
  • Listening Music
Personal Details:

Date of Birth: 31 Oct, 1992
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Nationality: Indian
Language Known: English, Punjabi, Hindi


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