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Let me introduce myself…

I’m Freelance developer with a multitude of skills. You are hiring a professional website consultant to guide you through every step of the web development process. I am very passionate and dedicated to my  work, User Experience and Design are important to me and I make sure that any project I undertake captures the true image of you, your brand and message. I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to make your project a success learning multiple programming languages, libraries & frameworks along the way.

In short, I could build a web, mobile or desktop application using Serverless Computing, conforming to the principle of the least privilege under version control for each function (Pay-per-use AWS or Google Cloud infrastructure that scales indefinitely). I work quickly and effectively and I used to fast turn around times but still keep standards high. Most of all I am friendly, easy to get along with and open. 

 If you have a project in mind or would like to chat about something in the pipeline, give me a call.


From branding, to ecommerce, to mobile. I’ve got you covered.

Front end Development

.As a front end developer, I assure that my design can be converted into plain, well-preserved and reachable code.I build up fast interactional front ends, by means of most modern technologies as well as techniques to decrease the time taken for a page to load.

Website Development

I am focus not only on the website visitor’s experience, but also on the admin user’s experience
ensuring that it’s easy for clients to keep their website content fresh and up-to-date. I listen to our client’s vision and find the best technical solutions to meet their web development goals. My websites are most stable coding standards, clients secure, adaptable, and responsive.

Mobile App Development

I have many years of experience developing mobile apps across a range of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and web. I have achieved a strong reputation for helping clients to achieve their goals on mobile devices.I am offers both cross platform & native Mobile App development.

Bug fixing / Bounty hunting

I am also providing solutions for bugs in the existing systems from low scale to large scale projects and if you have developed your system and want me to find the bugs in it with zero knowledge for this I am providing Bounty hunting.

Pentesting & Web security

I am contacted on almost a daily basis to address security issues on new clients websites. Most of the time it is not someone being proactive to “lock down” their website, but they’ve been hacked and are in a panic because their users are notify them and are in turn losing business.Get in touch with me if you need help reviewing and fixing your website security issues.

UI/UX Design

User interface and user experience is an important strategy for users to exploit while landing on website properties. Call to actions accomplishes conversion goals with each user to provoke a specific immediate response or action. Functionality is extremely important while achieving actions to increase single product goals. If you can achieve these elements while entertaining the user’s experience.

Digital Marketing

I can help in create powerful presence on social media for you. I can develop marketing plans to execute a strong social media presence. Creating ads, newsletters, and blog posts. I’ll look at your current web presence, your goals, your competition, and more to really get feel for what will work best for your unique digital strategy. This might include PPC and Content Marketing or Blogging and SEO – or something different entirely.

Search Engine Optimization.

Once I’ve developed the strategy, it’s time to start implementing the changes across your website. This can take a few weeks, but as we begin to make the changes, you’ll start to see the results!. I can help you create the perfect strategy that not only boosts your rankings in the search engines, but also generates more page views, engagement, and leads for you.


I have also experience with block chain technology. I have created some DAPPS.
And also worked on large scale project based on trading and smart contracts. This is one of my favourite technology. I am able to create block chain from the core and also able to create wallets, transactions, reconciliation, proof of work, etc.

Machine Learning/AI Models

I am able to write machine learning programmes and models. I can write code for raspberry pi and arduino for IOT and other stuff. I have experience with write code which improves itself by artificial intelligence. I have good knowledge of mathematics and python to build these kind of softwares and programmes.

Desktop Applications

I can also able to create Desktop applications for MAC,Windows and Linux.
I have very good experience in creating scalable Desktop application with high performance.

Web scrapping

Web scrapping is a method to scrap the data from other websites and that data is also useful in AI and Machine learning programmes and Models. I can able to do web scrapping on high level with good speed and well maintained code.

CMS Development

I work on latest technologies which is an important part of my services. My Word Press themes are responsive, which means they will automatically adapt to mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. I have worked on numerous custom CMS website development projects that I have built from scratch. If you consider customizing WordPress as a CMS, then the number of projects I have been hired to develop goes into the hundreds.


This is my favourite technology to work with. I can work with various cloud providers and troubleshoot the errors during deploying the websites and webapps from low scale to high scale. I am having experience with almost all cloud providers and tools and able to build KPI’s for monitoring the app. I can Setup domains and nameservers with kubernetes and write docker container files.

What Clients Say

I loved working with pardeep. He is extremely talented and always deliver projects on time .Highly Recommended!

Sagar Mehra
Web Designer