About Pardeep

My Story

I’m a Freelance developer with a multitude of skills. I am very passionate and dedicated to my work. I am a full stack developer and able to work with he latest technologies with the latest tools and techniques.

During my school days, I have seen the computer first time from that day I want to learn how to operate that machine but I was a kid. That was a very old black and white computer. After school, I started a Bachelor of Computer Science (BSC.CS) degree. During that period I learned HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Jquery, c, c++, algorithms, data structure, statistical mathematics, physics, computer architecture, networking, etc. Science and Computer are my favorite subjects all the time. I rarely go to college that’s why I always face a shortage of attendance at the last of every semester because side by side I have created some projects.

After I complete my study I have worked in so many companies with different profiles. Like Jr. Developer, Tester, Security specialist, Sr. Javascript Developer, DevOps engineer. I have also learned various cloud providers like google compute cloud, AWS, Azure, Heroku, etc and worked with Docker containers, Kubernetes, Jenkins, etc.

After done with B.S.C I have started MCA (Master of Computer Applications). During that period I have learned how to create exploits, viruses, rootkits, networking with Virtual routers, Andoird, Windows and MAC hacking, SQL injections, Reverse Engineering, Hacking and a lot of other things. I have also created a lot of web apps with various programming languages like Ruby on Rails, Python, Php, Bash scripts, Java, etc. 


Currently, I am working as Freelancer and also on SR. MERN stack and DevOps Post in multinational company.

Thanks for reading.